Cab Booking Cancellation Policy

Read About Cancellation Policy of Cab Booking & Taxi Renting For Travellers, Pilgrims & Tourists:

1. You agree and acknowledge that You may cancel Your request for a Vehicle from a Driver at any point of time subject to a Cancellation Fee as applicable for the categories, Cancellation Fee will be charged.

2. If you cancel within 5 minutes after the cab is allotted or, If a driver cancels after waiting at Your location for more than 10 minutes, Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Driver is delayed by more than Fifteen (15) minutes to pick You, You will not be charged any Cancellation Fee.

3. You shall be notified of the applicable Cancellation Fee in advance whenever You attempt to cancel a booking/service request. The notification shall be on the Application and/or the Site and/or through SMS.

4. “SAVARI Mithila Ki” shall provide a receipt of the Cancellation Fee, if any, payable by You for every cancellation in terms of the table above for such cancellations, however, separate invoices raised by the TPSPs (Third Party Service Providers) for the Cancellation Fee, and “SAVARI Mithila Ki” for the Convenience Fee (if any) on cancellations shall be provided to You on request. You may raise a request for a copy of the invoices from the Support page by sending an email to Usersupport@savarimithilaki.com .

5. The Cancellation Fee (if applicable) shall be payable by You at the completion of Your subsequent Ride or, as per instructions given by “SAVARI Mithila Ki” at the time of cancellation.

6. The mode of payment of the Cancellation Fee (if any) shall be in terms of Clause 6 of SavariMithilaKi User’s T&Cs.