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Choose from wide range of fleets that will suit your travel needs

Your everyday travel partner - AC Cabs for point to point travel

Chhoti Savari (Mini Car)

Small fare any time, any where

When it comes to taxi service in Bihar, our compact car (Hatchback) may be small in size but it's big on comfort, comfortably fitting 3 to 4 members while still offering excellent value for your money, making it a perfect fit for your travel needs and your pocket.

Badi Savari (Sedan Car)

Reach on time with cozy drive & comfort.

For those in need of a more spacious ride, our taxi service in Bihar offers a big car (Sedan) with plenty of room for your luggage and a comfortable seating area for you to sit back and enjoy the ride in comfort.

Family Savari (SUV)

Family comfort at reasonable cost

At our taxi service in Bihar, we understand the importance of family and togetherness, which is why we offer an SUV that is perfect for your complete family to travel together and create lasting memories. Pay for the comfort and enjoy the company of your loved ones on your journey.

A Tempo Near You
Ride with expert gali-map (g-map) drivers. The tempo drivers are expert in driving through alternate routes when there is a traffic congestion. A perfect way to beat traffic and reach on time daily that too at lowest cost.
Two Wheelers(Bikes)
Bike support against heavy traffic on road
Well!! Everyone knows about the traffic on roads of Mithila region. No worry. Just reach on time by using our bike facility. Stay calm & keep going with bike rider. Nothing will stop you. Just choose Two-wheeler option for safe journey.
Go green in less time @ less cost.
This will remind you the old days of your ride in Rickshaw on roads of Mithila. Just with pleasant differences of no pollution, smooth journey & INR payments in two digits. The perfect solution for small distance ride.

Savari Mithila Ki :- Taxi Service In Bihar

If you're looking to hire a cab in Bihar from Best Taxi App, savari Mithila Ki is a perfect choice. We are the first officially certified cab aggregator company by Bihar Govt. savari Mithila Ki's user-friendly platform and extensive pool of trusted cab drivers guarantee the best possible cab service in Bihar at the most competitive prices. So, experience the convenience and peace of mind of online cab booking in Bihar from savari Mithila Ki.

Book Cab in Bihar Online on savari Mithila Ki

Experience hassle-free and convenient way to book a taxi in Bihar with the best cab app in Bihar! savari Mithila Ki is a leading cab booking platform, offering a seamless and reliable way to get cabs in Bihar at affordable prices. With a wide range of options, you can easily find the perfect cab with a driver to suit your needs and budget. Trust us to provide you with a safe and comfortable ride every time. Book your next cab with savari Mithila Ki today!

savari Mithila Ki: Cabs Service in Bihar

Cab booking has become an essential part of our daily routine. At savari Mithila Ki, you can book a Round Trip or One-Way Cab for the following:

  • Outstation Taxi Service- Choose this service to explore other cities in Bihar comfortably.
  • Local Car Rental- Book it to discover the local attractions at your own pace and schedule, avoiding the hassles of public transportation. You can select from full and half-day options.
  • Airport Taxi Service- It can be booked for local airport transfers. We also provide Railway station pick and drops across cities in Bihar.

How to Book Cab in Bihar from Leading Online Taxi Service

To enjoy a hassle-free booking experience, book a cab online on savari Mithila Ki. The process to Book Taxi In Bihar is straightforward and includes these steps:

  1. Simply access savari Mithila Ki's official website or its Best Cab App In Bihar.
  2. Fill in the details, such as the local/ outstation/trip, pick/drop location, and departure schedule.
  3. Select your desired package from the given options
  4. Proceed with the payment choosing your preferred mode from the given options.
  5. Once your booking is confirmed, a message is relayed to your number/email.

At SMK, we swiftly arrange your transportation needs and provide a seamless journey. You can also reach us for booking services via call on 9905 680 491.

Big Fleet of Comfy Vehicles to Book Cab in Bihar

The range of fully sanitised and properly inspected "savari" for Car Rental Service in Bihar offered by SMK are as follows:
Hatchbacks: These are suitable for small groups travelling locally on a budget. The Micra and the Ritz are the more up-to-date alternatives to the classic Indica.
Sedans: Our most popular fleet comprises spacious sedans that fit up to four people. Our Toyota Etios is a complimentary service for clients.
SUVs and MUVs: Rent a sizable and comfortable Innova or Ertiga to take your family on a thrilling highway trip. You can comfortably fit 6–7 people, plus an extra person, in the sitting arrangement.

Book Cab in Bihar: Highly Booked Travel Packages

In the Mithila province, renting a car is a regular alternative for visitors, and some of the most popular packages are:

  • Local sightseeing (full and half days)
  • Airport taxi service to and from local airports
  • Pickup and dropoff at the Train Station
  • Transportation to outstation locations
  • Wedding car hire in the Mithila area

What Makes savari Mithila Ki the Best Car Rental In Mithila?

SMK, a licensed Taxi Aggregator company, is committed to ensuring you hire taxis in Bihar for safe journeys and get cabs in Bihar at affordable prices. You can rely on our online Cabs Service in Bihar to streamline your road travel in Mithila as we promise to deliver:

  • Secured Cab Bookings
  • Reliable Taxi Services
  • Diversity of Cabs
  • Payment Mode Flexibility
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Safe and Hygienic Vehicles
  • Expert & Courteous Drivers

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We understand the value of our partners. For others, you are the driver of your cab, but for us you are the driver of our business. Join hands with us and convert the cost into investment. You have all the skills and expertise to manage your vehicle. Just use this platform to ensure regular earning with less investment. It’s the right place for you to find decent & professional customers with less efforts.

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  • Weekly Payment
  • Good application
  • Stable Orders
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You can easily book a taxi in Bihar using the SavariMithilaKi app. It's a simple and convenient way to get a ride whenever you need one in the state of Bihar. Just download the app, select your destination, and book your cab hassle-free.